On to Certification!

Both Chronicles of Clo and Huge have passed content review! This is a huge step (he he) to chronicle on my blog here (he he he) as it means we are one step clo-ser to publication! 

Certification is where they test the map on multiple platforms. This is to see if there are any performance issues with them. It’s a quality test, just to be sure my Minecraft mod doesn’t mess up when players purchase it. I don’t perceive there will be any issues with this as my maps have used the basic Minecraft mechanics. 

Clo is a 99.99% vanilla map, meaning I used basic Minecraft gameplay such as redstone and piston work. The command blocks I placed also used basic commands such as [/test for], [/summon], and [/spawnpoint]. The .01% was a slight modification to the pressure plate and button press sounds and a single texture change. Since my game used several pressure plates, I softened the normal sound so that it wouldn’t be annoying to the player.

As for the texture change, I added a no-borders glass texture for the black-tainted glass as this was used to cover the piston puzzles. Glass without borders helps the player see what they are doing when solving the puzzle. 

In Huge, I modified 8 hostile mobs to appear three times taller than the player. This was to give you the sense that you’re not only in a larger than regular block-sized world, but even the mobs have become giants. 

I plan to do more interesting modification for my future games. In this, certification might be more of a worry. But ultimately this is a good thing. I means me newest maps are always improving.

But I predict no performance issues for Clo or Huge! Microsoft being very quick to respond on both maps can only confirm my theories… They remember me, they like what I’m doing, and they’re glad to have me back! Just in time too, Microsoft is currently on their Christmas break. God-willing, they will pass both maps when they return next year.

What’s my secret? 

Always be nice! Never burn bridges. Stay open to things. I can tell you that it was very frustrating for me to have made the Clo map so long ago with little to no return on investment. I never took it out on the Microsoft staff that worked with me. It wasn’t their fault, it was mine by not knowing the market. What do 7-12 year olds want to play? I hope Huge will answer that. 

I took the loss on the chin, kept my dark conspiracy thoughts to myself (they ended up being unfounded), and kept going. This failed experience actually opened a new path to my current job at Lifeboat. Lifeboat has taught me so much in the passed 3 and a half years! Producing several maps a week does that to you. Now that I have a better understanding… I’m hoping to put these concept to practice with maps of my own. 

I’ve made it full circle, returning back to solo map-making. So, my dearest friend, forget the dark thoughts of the present. Consider your future. Do what you must to make it brighter. And as always, stay safe and “B” well.

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