A Little Autumn Cleaning

Now that I’m entering back into the professional side of things, I need to do a little autumn cleaning on this blog. DeepwellBridge began as a place to explain my fiction. I later added the Minecraft project which took me down several rabbit trails until I landed my current job of working with Lifeboat. Well, I’m back to making Minecraft maps as a solo DeepwellBridge partner, and not too soon; December is a huge month for marketplace sales. I will also reenter the literary world by working on manuscripts and shopping for an agent. DeepwellBridge is returning to the land of fiction. It will be a soundboard for thoughts on these two subjects.

This means moving my Christian posts to another blog (which I have yet to begin). They need some editing anyways. I’ll let you know what the blog is once I begin it.

I’m also removing the Noir City posts. This is a working title for one of my many unfinished writing projects. I have no idea what to do with it yet… but hopefully in a few years, it will develop as a second half to an interesting book series I have in mind. 

DeepwellBridge is not going secular, I’m just taking a Lord of the Rings/‘Til We Have Faces approach to Christianity on this site. This means, moving my sermon-style posts to a blog dedicated to theology. This blog will henceforth be dedicated to the “Ethics of Elfland”.

A blog divided will never make a dent in this fallen world of ours. Be well and blessed in all things, friend. 

The horrors of Halloween have past and a season of Thanksgiving is soon upon us. I am very thankful for all God has done and is doing in my life. By His grace, I have no regrets. 

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