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Sony recently had their State of Play presentation. I guess it’s my turn.

I currently work with a Minecraft partner as a producer of Minecraft content and DLC. But that’s not where I began. 3 years ago, around this time, I was an independent partner (called oddly enough DeepwellBridge) who released the Minecraft adventure map, Chronicles of Clo. The map was a modest success and did open up many doors. It is the reason I have my job today.

I think it’s time to return to that map. I’ve always wanted to redo the father’s voice. My brother just so happened to be the man for the job. In fact, he just sent me his recording of the father’s lines and they are just excellent! So, expect a free updated release of Chronicles of Clo with a simple fix for multiplayer and a brand new voice recording of Clo’s dad. 

What else is there?

At the time I got my current job, I had been working on my second independent map. I nearly finished the world! Life being what it was, I only had time for the job which means I’ve been neglecting it. Now that life is beginning to settle down, I’ll go ahead and finish the map… something that has to do with a certain sort of Wonderland. 

I’m sure you all know the place! I have a nuget of an idea for a Through the Looking Glass sequel if Wonderland sells well. I also have an eager niece who does a great British accent. But as for Wonderland I wish to give it some unique enemies. This means working with Blockbench! This is a program that allows for modders to make brand new entities. They have recently updated it, making it far easier to add new entities. So… I really can’t wait to build that rideable giant mouse and rook-shaped Creeper I’ve always wanted! Tweedle Dee and dum would also work well as a re-textured slime I think.

As for the world of Wonderland, well, back then I had to build it all by hand, one click at a time and in creative mode. Now, there’s Amulet, a very handy piece of software I’ve learned to use over the years. This allows for map editing on a galactic scale, which brings me to my other future projects.

Working 2 years behind the wheel as a producer has given me a knack for knowing what kids want in a Minecraft DLC game. I was working on a project at the start of this year, life, unfortunately, chose that time to slam me in the face with personal issues. Now, I give it all to God whose timing is better than mine. Rather than worrying and fretting about this issue or that… I might as well get back to finishing that promising project of mine!

There are other ideas germinating inside my head, but nothing has been done about them yet. So, I’ll start by sprucing up Chronicles of Clo, finishing the Wonderland game, and then finishing the third (ultra-secret) project based on what I’ve learned for the past two years as a producer. 

2021 should be a promising year for DeepwellBridge… I might even earn enough money to go independent! This would allow me to work from home and travel anywhere! But first things first… let’s go ahead and update that Clo game!

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