Who is DeepwellBridge

DeepwellBridge is an official Minecraft partner run by a single person.

He created the Chronicles of Clo adventure map which is a very large exploration and puzzle game that can be bought in the Marketplace.

Do a search for “Clo” there, and you’ll find it.


But who is he really?

Deep began playing Minecraft during its beta. He was strictly a survival mode type of guy and spent many happy years there. What did he build in survival mode? Things like: a tall tower made of stone and water, sculptures of glass with water and lava flowing down, and the Wizard Tower of Azul. He even built his very first adventure map on a friend’s server. It had to do with the Ender Dragon.

One day in Minecraft, while happily chipping away at some mountain, Deep came up with a build idea so large it forced him to enter the ever-forbidden creation mode.

Screenshot (538).png

He’s been stuck there ever since, nursing his fan-fiction of Minecraft for over five years. What began as a hobby has become the Chronicles of Clo.

What is the Chronicles of Clo?

It is Deep’s answer to how the player even arrived at a random Minecraft world, where the mobs came from, and other story-based questions. You can purchase Chronicles of Clo in the Minecraft Marketplace. Just go to the search bar and type in “Clo”.

Screenshot (561).png

What even is a Clo?

Clo (pronounced Chloe) is a quirky teen searching for her father in the mysterious and dangerous world of Anor.

Why is Chloe spelled Clo?

Because… she’s quirky.

Who was Deep before Minecraft entered his life?

Deep earned a bachelors degree in Music composition and theory (hence the reason for the 21 original soundtracks in the game). Here are a few of them.

He also wrote a symphonic work entitled Moonscape.

He began writing stories all the way back in 2000. One of them can even be purchased under the name B. L White. It is a sci-fi novella set on a terraformed Mars called Symphony of Sol: I Shall Not Rest in Peace. Buy it!

The Symphony Of Sol - Blue

Or, if you’d like something for free: read his fan fiction of Metroid on this site called Metroid Origins.

You can also play an older version of the Chronicles of Clo game for free on the java version of Minecraft. This one is called Anomalous Ruins. It still has the character of Clo in it, and is set in a similar build. The story and lore have changed.


Who is Deep now?

Deep teaches piano by day and creates Minecraft games by night… and in the early morning.

Screenshot (675).png

He also has a twitter account.


Go to the Minecraft Store. Click on the search button. Type in “Clo”



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