I have taught piano and music to students from 3-9th.  I’ve also taught a Fine Arts Survey.  My passions are in writing novels and short stories and composing songs and symphonies.  I love Jesus and people.

~B. L. White

26 thoughts on “About

  1. found your blog because it was featured on WP. I will have to return for more. I appreciate the integration of spirituality into a whole life, well thought out. Thanks!
    BTW on speling; speling in English wil always be a frustration! (rant)

  2. Nice. Very good succinct bio info and everyone know succinct is in.
    I am more verbose
    though I am trying to cut the fat
    hence my short lines reminding me to
    move on, Beth,
    before this gets too long.
    nice to blog meet you–

  3. Loved the SciFi/SyFy rant. It’s like watching Radio Shack changing its name to The Shack while still offering the same goods and services. Yeah, that will make a whole new generation of people drop by and buy stuff.

    But, Americans are becoming spelling-challenged anyway. Last month, a special interest group even approached Congress about changing American English into phonetic English — in other words, spelling words like they sound, instead of as they’re found in the dictionaries. Aside from the fact that it would effectively kill rap and the career of Larry the Cable Guy…

    I prefer to use correct English and grammar when writing my horror and science fiction.

    Keep up the good work.

    • It was the hardest thing for me to do to actually stop writing after 500 words and post the darn thing. I had no idea it would garner such attention. Good thing to because if I could have seen that future, I would have never gotten any sleep in tinkering with it… and ultimately, three thousand words later, ruined the tiny little star of a post that could. Then it would have lost it’s place among the freshly pressed section and caused a paradox in the time space continuum so deep that we would all be speaking German.

      Thankfully my psychic powers lay dormant.

  4. Intriguing blog. It was featured on the WordPress page (actually, your post about misspellings was), and being a huge fan of correctly-spelled words, I read it. Then I looked at your other posts and saw that you’re a Christian too, which is pretty awesome. It’s wonderful reading blogs from a Christian’s point of view, since it’s my point of view, as well.

    • Thanks. I love to try and explain my faith in Jesus… in a loving godly way. Kind of like he did.

      Unless your a Pharisee, I’m not to nice to Pharisees lol.

  5. wow, looks like i’m just one of many that read your blog because it was featured on WP. i find your blog excellent. you express yourself way better than i do, and obviously put a lot of effort into your writings. hope you don’t mind if i link it on my blog.

  6. It’s nice to see someone else blogging on cultural topics from a Christian point of view. You write very well, and your topics are usually very pointed. I look forward to reading your blog in the future.

    • Thanks for reading! God has been very good to me. I don’t have a million dollars or a nice car… but I do have his love and his peace blooming within me.

  7. Just wanted to say that I agree completely with everything you are for. And the fact that you love to write is just icing on the cake, man. Aspiring authors unite, indeed.

    • Indeed Jake! Keep writing and reading… it really is the only way to do it!

      (And check out John Truby’s “Anatomy of Story” it has helped me out immensely.)

  8. Nice blog .. i enjoyed going through ..
    I also like thinking alot .. about who i am and what i want to be .. ….
    Have a good day !

  9. Hey! It’s Amelia from FemmeFalales
    I remembered you posting a comment on one of my posts and I wanted to direct you to my personal Blog. I think you might like it better than the risque one me and my friends made.

    the link is


    ^_^ have a great week!


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