Update on My to Do List for MC Maps

In my State of DeepwellBridge post I promised to update Chronicles of Clo and then finish 2 other maps, the Wonderland map and a third map I had started at the beginning of 2021… 

Well, I completely ignored what I said I’d do and finished a fourth Ultra Secret Map. I just sent that map off to Microsoft. Why? Because I had assets from Chronicles of Clo that I could use for this map. This made the fourth map the fastest map to complete. 

Now that that is finished, I’ll do the free update for the Clo map, replacing the father’s voice with my brother’s and fixing a section of the map that has multiplayer issues. This problem was presented to me by some Microsoft employees and has to do with an update on Minecraft that changed the way command blocks interact. 

The Clo update will be simple and can really help show Microsoft that I’m listening to their feedback. So, it might help with how Microsoft places the mysterious fourth map. Okay, okay… I’ll tell you a little about my mystery fourth map! Or, rather I’ll let my description tell it for me.

Enter a world that is huge! These large blocks hide buildings inside them. Mesa villages can be found between the bricks of a giant house. Visit another village hidden within huge tree leaves. Even the large dirt blocks hide a woodland mansion. Just watch out for the giant mobs that guard them.

– 8 giant mob types

– 7 enormous block types

– Multiplayer

So big!

The concept of giant block maps isn’t new, but hiding buildings and other things inside them is. 

After updating Clo I’ll try to finish Wonderland in time for the beginning of the Summer surge in sales that is predicted to happen every year. Kids gotta play something once school is out after all. Maybe a game based on the book The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland would be nice. 

This means Blockbench work and unique enemies to fight against. Blockbench just made an update to their software that makes adding in new entities even easier! For the rideable giant mouse, all I have to do is take a Minecraft horse and alter his dimensions to look like a mouse then add a new mousy texture and rename it Rideable Mouse. All of the mechanics of the horse will remain, meaning, you can put a saddle on the mouse and ride it just like a horse!

The third map is a concept I came up with almost a year ago. It’s a linear quest game based on several concepts found in the popular Skyblock game. 

Skyblock is a map style that has you start on a simple floating island with only a tree and a bucket of lava and water. From this you are able to grow crops, make an infinite cobblestone generator, and expand your island to fight mobs and gather their resources. Over time you can have this huge island and house out of seemingly nothing. 

There are already several hundred Skyblock maps on the Marketplace. This also means that Skyblock is oversaturated. Naming your map by that name will just throw it in the swamp heap of so many others. But, I love the gameplay concept of sparsity of resources. So my third map will take the concept of sparsity and create a dynamic set of floating islands with a modest story to explore them one by one. 

For example, when you first start playing any Minecraft game you start by cutting down a tree to gather some wood. Wood helps you make your first sword and pickax. What if you start on a floating island that has no wood? Well, you must find a way to reach the following island that does have it. So, I’ll be using sparsity to force the player to explore. It’s a high concept map and will take some time to get it right. Hopefully my fourth map will be an explosive hit allowing me the time to work the third map so that it is out in time for next Christmas.

So here’s my new order!

4th giant block map (being reviewed by Microsoft)

2nd Wonderland map (new entities to build, hopefully in time for the Summer)

3rd High Concept Sparsity map (hopefully in time for next Christmas)

So, 4, 1, 2, and 3… I was never very good at math…

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