Metroid Origins: Chapter 9: Forgiven

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Over time the Varia Suit would shed parts of itself, lethal weapons that were studied by the Chozo scientist.  The study of these weapons was a holy process given only to the most-gifted archeologists and scientist.  What they gleamed from this technology influenced every bit of Chozo society from their culture to their buildings.  The scientists began to duplicate the Varia artifacts, which would be displayed in protective rooms across the many planets in the empire.  In all of seven thousand years, no one had found a way to duplicate the complicated power suit that used the weapons, until very recently.


~Chozo Historian

Samus was carried high in the sky by bleeding talons.  She didn’t say a word to Grandfather as he flew her far away from the Shrine of Prophesy.  She hadn’t said goodbye to Kerrfu when Grrunco picked her up and forced her into the sky.  She didn’t want to say goodbye… she just wanted to touch the Varia Suit again, the one thing in life that understood her.

She was the chosen one, the Newborn prophesied long ago to protect the Chozo from some great evil.  So close to accomplishing that goal, to merging with that ancient power suit… only to be stopped by her friends, unbelievers who thought they were saving her life.

The Empress’ final words came back to her, ‘you don’t get it little chick.  Many noble warriors have lost their lives trying to merge with the sentient armor.  How could you, a mere human girl, be any different?’

Kerrfu chimed in, ‘I know you don’t understand it Newborn, but in time you will.’

At those words Newborn stopped crying.  It was obvious that these unbelievers would not help her.  She held her chin up and replied, ‘my name is Samus!’

From that point on she schemed of a way to break free, go back to the Shrine and face her true destiny.

Kerrfu and the Empress went a different direction to head off those chasing them.  Grrunco was flying very low to escape detection.

Despite it all, two Chozo sent by members of the Counsels were trailing behind.  They had been asked to intercept Newborn and bring her back.   From cloud to cloud they flew, mere dots in the sky.  Strong talons came from above and broke the neck of one and then the other. Like meteors their lifeless bodies tumbled towards the earth. Kraagon’s looming shadow took their place. On every down stroke he muttered the single word of, ‘Mother.’

Plogos followed behind the enormous bird, trying his best to keep up.

Grrunco and Newborn made it to a high mountain cliff where a lonely amber colored ship awaited them. It was long and smooth like a Chozo’s beak, made from an orange stone, both flexible and tough. It looked more like a sculpture cut from amber then a spacecraft.  Two Chozo were placing various instruments into it.  They gave Grrunco a nod as he landed.

Samus had seen many of these flying space contraptions whizzing noiselessly by while on Zebes. They looked like floating yellow triangles.  She was reminded of a familiar image, something from her past that was spongy and yellow.

It was at that moment her photographic memory took hold.  Her mother was holding a piece of cheese, rushing it through the air towards her mouth, making noises a space ship would make when entering the atmosphere. Whenever a Chozo ship flew above the trees Samus instinctively listened for her mother’s spaceship noises.

It always bothered her that the things made very little sound. Sometimes she would accompany the ship with her own vocal sounds. One Chozo saw her doing this and assumed her to be insane. Kerrfu had been quick to point out that she was merely being different.

Grrunco touched the wall of the ship which folded open like a liquid curtain. Inside Newborn could see a tall and narrow hallway colored gold, black, and aqua blue with silver trim. Nothing protruded except what was necessary: a latch to open a door, a flat consul to contact the ship’s computer. What Newborn at first thought of as simple decorations she soon discovered to be handles a Chozo claw could grasp. To her surprise what looked like flat circles below this were also handles designed for a young humanoid about her height.

Grrunco said, ‘I hope you like the accommodations. The ship was especially fitted with you in mind.’

‘Why didn’t anyone tell me about this?’

Grrunco looked at her in utter confusion.  ‘You do not need to know the plans our Empress has for you. All you need to do is trust her.’

Samus glanced around in curious wonder.  An odd design stuck out amongst the mundane abstract calligraphy upon the walls. So curious was this design that she was compelled to touch it. It seemed like something was supposed to happen… nothing did.

‘Newborn do you trust the Empress?’  Grrunco asked.

Broken from her daze she stared up at Grrunco’s scarred beak and wildly hostile eyes. Her perception of him had changed greatly since the time he stumbled into her room so long ago.  A great hunter like him would be needed for the battles ahead.

She thought about the coming war against the pirates.  They would have to defeat Mother Brain first.  She needed Grrunco on her side for this.

Samus reached up and placed a hand upon his shoulder, ‘I trust you grandfather.’

Grrunco looked at the girl before him.  She was different somehow… soft face already beginning to harden into that of an expert hunter.  Behind the frigid eyes he telepathically sensed her gentle nature replaced with that of anger and revenge.  This saddened him.

Something else was bothering him though… not from Newborn but from the silence outside.  Samus made to speak again, Grrunco held up a talon for her to be quiet.

Slowly he crept outside the ship.  Two birds lay upon the ground shredded with talon markings.  On instinct Grrunco lunged to the left, the ground shook from the attack of a very large Chozo.  Grrunco’s instincts took over, deftly striking at the interloper’s wing with his beak.

Kraagon jumped away.

Grrunco didn’t give him a moment to breath but at once attacked with talon and beak.  After the third feint, Kraagon wrapped Grrunco in his wings and lunged over the edge of the cliff.

Samus screamed after him, ‘Grandfather!’

Something landed beside her.  She turned around and faced Plogos dazed expression.  ‘Plogos you have to help our teacher.’  She said.

Plogos didn’t seem to hear her, ‘Mother has asked me to take you to the Varia Suit, to merge with it and die.’

Samus thought about it… she could go with Plogos, merge with the suit, and kill Mother Brain.  The Demon Mother did not understand what Varia had meant when asking for one who was pure.  Samus was pure though, purified by her grief on planet K2-L.  If she went with Plogos she would merge with the suit and fulfill her destiny as the Newborn.  But that would mean grandfather would die.  No Chozo of his age could take on so enormous a bird.

Plogos reached after Samus.  She somersaulted away from him.

‘Don’t make me hurt you Newborn.  Come willingly and I will make sure Mother spares Kerrfu.’

Even without telepathy Samus knew he was lying.  He reached after her again.  She jumped over his head and hit him in the back catching him off balance.  She reared back and hit one of the wings with the heel of her hand.  A loud snap followed a sudden screech.

‘Listen to me Plogos!  I am not going back with you, not until you help grandfather, not until you get it through your thick skull that this Mother of yours is not your friend.’  She kicked him in the head causing another screech to emerge.

The pain brought his senses about him.  When she went to kick him again he grabbed her foot and sent her flying against the ship.  She hit the side and collapsed on the ground.

‘Mother has asked me to take you with me.  Don’t make me kill you.  Don’t make me disobey mother.’

Samus fought against her pounding head-ache, ‘How could you take me to that monster.  All those things you taught me… and only now to kill me.’

‘I only taught you what the Counsels asked me to teach you.  Now I am fully mother’s.  Now I am free to do as she commands.’

Samus curled her hands around two stones.  ‘I have already broken your wing Plogos.  Don’t make me hurt you further.’

He shook his head at her, ‘you will not be able to touch me.  I’ve always been the better fighter.’  He fell down into a crouching position, gazing at her with eyes very much like the Sheegoth she had faced, a Sheegoth Plogos had once saved her from.  He telepathically sent her images of fear preparing for the lunge.  The images meant nothing to her.  She had already faced her deepest fears.  She had already defeated them.

In a swift sure motion he moved.  At the same time Samus threw the stones with a full force behind them.  Each one found their mark in the Chozo’s blazing orange eyes.  Plogos staggered in a blinding rage and fell.  Samus put her foot upon his head pressing it deep into the ground.

In the midst of Plogos pain he felt the connection with mother, that loving inner embrace of peace slowly but surely being severed.  He screamed for her, telepathically asking her to stay, to help him.

His likeness of Mother Brain appeared in his mind, the beautiful image of a Chozo goddess.  She looked down upon him sternly and said in his mind, what service do you have left to offer me?  You failed me, now I will fail you. He screeched in anguish as she severed her link to him.  Then he heard Newborn’s voice near his ear.

‘I didn’t want to hurt you Plogos.  But you left me no choice.  This is war and I aim to win it.’  Plogos opened his eyes to look upon her.  All he could see were blurry images and blood.  Samus held his head gently in her arms.

A large shadow loomed over them.  The beaten form of Kraagon fell to the ground.  One wing was so broken it was a wonder he could fly.  Splotches of blood speckled his shoulder and chest.  He took a step towards them, favoring his right leg.

In the light of the rising sun Samus could just make out the Grandfather’s arching form coming to her rescue.  He would be too late.

Kraagon took another step towards them, ‘Mother wanted to make an example out of you, to be merged and killed with the Varia Suit.  It is too late for that.  The Varia Suit is far away.  I am here though.  Mom has asked me to kill you.’

Samus reared up ready to face another battle, one she was sure to lose.

Plogos got up and stepped between them.  He could barely see through blinded eyes, but he saw enough to know the truth.  ‘Mother is not the goddess we thought she was Kraagon.  She only wants to use us.  When she is done with our useless bodies… what do we have left, but to die for our sins.’

Before Kraagon could react to the cryptic words Plogos ran at him striking with beak and talon.  Kraagon was not expecting this from his comrade.  He only thought of one thing as Plogos fell with him over the edge: I have failed Mother.

Samus ran to the edge of the cliff, catching their forms disappearing into the darkness.

Grrunco landed beside her.  He placed a bloody talon on her shoulder.

‘Today was a good hunt,’ said he with a purr, ‘I did not expect you to survive it.’

Samus didn’t look up when she asked, ‘why did Plogos do all of this?’

Grrunco’s scarred beak pointed over the cliff.  ‘He fell victim to an ancient mental disease.  For too long the Demon Mother has plagued our nightmares.  I think it’s time we fight back.  Do not worry about Plogos.  He redeemed his failings.  Remember him for what he taught you.  You will need this for the coming war.’

Grrunco led Samus back inside the ship.  His left talon touched a colorful design.  It folded upon to a room designed specifically for her.  She entered hesitantly and touched the coarse, Indigo blanket Kerrfu had made for her long ago.  She wrapped herself in it like a womb.

‘Where are we going Grandfather?’

Grrunco thought for a moment if she was ready to know yet.  She had survived her first real battle, this made her a little chick no longer.  She was a fully fledged samshus hunter.  The proud triangular head straitened with resolve, ‘The Empress is planning to retake her place with force among the Counsuls.  She has asked me to smuggle you out of here under the guise of this science vessel.  We will make our first stop upon the science station at the moon.  There we will pick some organic cargo and take it to a little backwater planet called SR388.’

Crrunco left her there to contemplate his words.  The imposing form of Eldest One appeared silently as from thin air.  After Crrunco caught his breath, he nodded four times and then went inside the ship.  Eldest One walked towards the Sunborn Child who sat looking at the beauty of Zebes.

He whispered in a halting screech, ‘This world is destined to die you know.’

She turned towards him and made to bow.  He stopped her with his talon.  ‘We should be bowing to you dearest Sarah.  For it is our place, our lot in life to pass on from this universe and into another.  It will be your duty to keep us alive in the minds of all the alien races who remain, to remind them of our culture, our teachings, and our love for sentient kind.’

Samus frowned at this, ‘I will fight with all my life to preserve you.’

‘Yes little chick you will fight… and you will lose.  It is our destiny to pass; yet… in the midst of such loss you will also win, for it is your destiny to avenge the deaths of our people from those hateful pirates.  And then our light will shine fourth from your bosom, as real to others as if we had never passed away.  For it is the Eminent One’s will that you walk two distinctive paths, vengeful redeemer and the great Chozo historian.

Samus looked at Eldest One, the deepest anguish on her face, ‘Will I see you again?’

The Eldest One looked back sadly and said, ‘We will meet again dearest chick, though I fear it may not be so well for me.  If ever these old bones turn astray you must dispatch of me, only than shall I find true peace.  And you shall also return her upon Zebes though in a different way than you came.  The Varia suit will unite with you when you need it most.’

Eldest One left her then, flying far towards the escaping night.  An old human tradition came to her mind.  Her hand lifted and waved goodbye to the strange prophet from planet Tallon IV.  She turned then and joined Grrunco at the bridge.

The triangular ship lifted off into the air, aiming its prow towards the sun.

Samus looked at the wild lands of Zebes.  She vowed to one day return and fulfill the Eldest One’s prophesy.  A slight chill ran up her spine at the thought of losing the Chozo to the pirates.  She would do her best to prevent that.

Grrunco spoke then, ‘Do not fret what the old bird has said.  Some prophesies are never meant to come to pass.’

Samus tried to be reassured by these words.  Perhaps there was still time to stop the bitter end of all Chozo.  She knew in her gut though… as bright as the sun before them, this was one prophesy destined to come.

~End of Part One~

Dear reader,

I hope you enjoyed reading through Part 1 of Metroid Origins.  If you made it this long I suspect that you have.  Thanks for your time in this.  Please feel free to comment down below, or you can email me at <>.

I am taking a break from this ever expanding story to give it a long overdue editing.  I will also be finishing a few other projects I have in mind.

The first episode of my own scf-fi story Symphony of Sol is purchasable for your e-reader.

Synopsis of Episode 1, I Shall not Rest in Peace: A good emperor has inherited an empire wrought with corruption and evil.  His desire to change this has led him to the ancient, terraformed planet of Mars; where he must convince a sacrificial clone to live for peace instead of die to it.

Keep reading and enjoy living!

Your friendly neighborhood author,

B. L. White

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16 thoughts on “Metroid Origins: Chapter 9: Forgiven

  1. I had a great time reading this!!!!! Can’t wait until the 2nd comes out! Ik this is about the origins of metroid but is this on sale at iTunes? I didn’t know but if there is u would like to read it on my iPad again whenever I can’t use WIFI….if this was rated in stars I would give you 10 even though for books it’s 5 lol

    • Glad you enjoyed it! I have been thinking about continuing this story. If enough people like it I will. Tell your friends if you haven’t already. And btw I cannot sell this story since it is property of Nintendo. So it must remain forever free as FanFic. I do have a story of my own that I will be selling on various e-books including the iTunes site. You can find it here Void Voyage.

      • Oh ok but so far I’ve told a lot of my friends to come check it out and right now 2 of them finished it and they said it was awesome even though they nvr really havnt played the game but in just got a question…. Did you need nintendo’s or retro studio’s permission to publish this?

      • Good question. According to Wikipedia and other sites I have looked at, anyone can write a story about any game movie or genre as long as they do not make a profit from it. There are actually tons of fan fictions written about Metroid out there. Some are good… others are meh. You could write one yourself if you wish.

        I have tried very hard to make an origin story keeping it all in line with what I have seen in the actual games (minus other M). Notice that Samus does not put on the Varia suit. This actually happens in Metroid: Zero on gameboy advanced. Also note that Eldest One from Tallon IV hints at the fact that Samus might have to kill his spirit which is referring to Metroid Prime when she is fighting the corrupt Chozo spirits.

        I have also tried to explain some plot holes in the game story, mainly why the Chozo would be wiped out by space pirates when one girl wearing Chozo armor destroys these same pirates? If the Chozo could design such armor, wouldn’t they be able to hold off any attack directed towards them?

        In closing I just want to say that I appreciate your enthusiasm with the story! It is quite dear to me. I’m also glad that people who haven’t played the games are enjoying it.

        You have permission to take these stories and place them in any format you want to read on your iPad. You can even share the story with others in anyway you wish, I only ask that you refer to as the source of the story. My writing name is B. L. White.

        Have a great life and thanks for reading!

        P.S. Feel free to ask any questions.

  2. Ok but I don’t plan to on making a story ;p… Basicly all I do is draw things for my friends (I usually draw things from metroid and they wonder how I come up with it lol) but you are very welcome!

      • Nah I just draw pictures off the Internet….. I’m afraid that if I do that they’ll think I’m doing some copyright thing.. And what is the deviant art account? Lol I’m srry idk it I’m just 13 :p

      • You don’t have to worry about copyright as long as you don’t sell and make a profit from it. is a site where artist of all ages, like yourself, congregate and show off each other’s work. I have featured many deviant artist throughout my story. Just click on the link beneath some of the art work you have seen at the beginning of my chapters or click on the “about Metroid Origin” where everything is explained in greater detail.

    • I am basing my fan fiction loosely on the official e comic that came out for Metroid Fusion. In their version they had the Chozo creating Mother Brain as an AI that turned against them. I took a similar route adding that Mother Brain was of a different species. This was done to explain another gripe I have with the official story. How could a technologically advanced race that designed Samus suit, used to defeat the space pirates, be defeated by the pirates themselves?

      Remember these are origin stories so I am explaining where Mother Brain came from before she led the Pirates and why she has so many powers… also why she would be implanted deeply in the planet Zebes. This is only my take on it of course.

      Thanks for reading. I appreciate your critiques.

  3. you’re welcome
    its only after reading this that i discovered that there was an official story of samus’s time with the chozo. I guess i could point out that the suit was used to help samus survive on the planent, so to answer your question slightly, my guess is the suit was designed for her to survive, not to defeat the space pirates. As for the weapons on it, my guess is it’s help her ward off attackers and the like.

    To be quite honest, I prefer this telling rather than how the manga does. It really makes a difference how she is shown how she becomes such a cold hearted killer. I guess my one gripe with this story is the fact the the suit is alive. But i guess it’s not my place to judge. Still, if you’d like to hear why i feel this way, just ask. I may not be a professional critic, but it doesn’t mean i can’t say something worthwhile. Though i’m not saying your story should be this way or that. It already feels like i’m ready an actual novel.

    • Thank you for the complement. I love to hear people’s thoughts on what I write whether good or bad, or in your case both. It’s a good way to grow as an author.

      Yeah the whole frightened of killing butterflies thing in the manga threw me for a loop… NOT the Samus Aran I know and love.

      This story seems to have touched a few Metroid fans out there. This is making me look through the second portion of the story. It isn’t finished yet. Once I feel confidant with the quality (as far as a fan fiction with no paid editor is concerned) then I’ll post some new chapters.

      And yes I am interested in your thoughts on the living suit.

  4. For the living suit, honestly, I’m not really sure i like it. It makes sense seeing as after she puts on the blue jumpsuit we never see her wearing anything else (older games do not count) and the fact that it seems with a single thought she can make the suit go on and off, but to me, it seems as though that if the suit was alive, then it wouldn’t really be a technological suit capable it adding many devices onto it, but, more or less, a parasyte of types. At least, through the way you’re putting it. However this is just a the thoughts of a person who has played many metroid games, thinking this is the canon. I guess the thoughts of the suit become dormant or controlled by samus at one point. However, these are minor gripes as when i think about it, a living suit could explain alot about its features, such as taking pure energy and turning it into a beam.

    My main gripe with it however, is that it’s technology. Not even the Aurora Units from Metroid Prime 3 came close to processing the kinds of thoughts the suit does in this story. If you’re not aiming to at least tie in the fact the suit doesn’t really seem alive in the games, then i have no problems. Again, the thoughts of a person who’s played metroid alot. All in all, it makes sense yet it doesn’t. To me at least. Unless you have an explanation as to why it would be silent.

    If I should stop thinking in the context of the games, than tell me. I don’t want it to cloud and judgement. So far, this is probably one of the best fanfiction’s i’ve ever read, and i read alot of things.

    Final thoughts on the chapters so far:

    Even though the beginning is quite like the story of Tarzan, it really shows development as to how a little girl at the age of 3 to 5 could become the cold-hearted bounty-hunter and killer of the space pirates that we all know and love.

    *You can ignore this part if you want* But, and this is just a favor that, if you want, you can sweep under the rug and forget about, but unlike the manga and so many other fanfics about metroid, please don’t make ridley be able to talk. It would at least make sense. Ridley, althought bassically the general of the space pirates, is a flying beast, that while it can form intelligent thoughts, there’s no way it could be able to talk. *You can ignore this last part if you want*

    Thanks for listening

    • You obviously share a deep passion for this wonderful game, as much as, if not more than myself. I too have played most of the Metroid games. She is such a fascinating character. Right up there next to Gorden Freeman for me. I never thought about having the power suit become silent. Though I am adding my own take on the origin of the Metroid characters, I am trying to be faithful to the story in the games themselves.

      I got the idea of a sentient suit when playing Metroid: Zero Mission. When she gets the Varia suit, a Chozo statue, embodied by the Varia suit, comes to life as a test. Only be defeating the statue can Samus earn the right to wear the Varia Suit. I am stretching the interpretation here, but I am saying that the Varia suit took over a Chozo statue and fought with Samus until it recognized her, then it merged with her.

      I do like your idea of keeping the suit quite eventually. Could you imagine a talking Varia Suit, “Hey! Listen!” No thank you. Honestly I don’t have plans to write stories for the games themselves as I think the games do a great job on their own.

      Perhaps Samus is thinking these thoughts internally with the suit so that the player can’t hear. Or maybe they grow so attached, that the suit anticipates Samus’ movements. They no longer need speech to guide them, as she can feel it out with, literally, her body language. She wears Varia like a second skin.

      I also like your idea of having Ridley not talk at all. I did write an origin for him. It’s been so long ago that I can’t remember if I had him talk or not. It would make since that he doesn’t talk though, as such is the case when playing the game.

      Good thoughts dandragon0!

    • btw you are very right about the parasite suit. The suit literally sucks out the life force of any enemies she defeats… just like in the game. Don’t ask me to explain how the suit sucks in missiles and power bombs from her enemies, though… I’ll leave that explanation alone lol.

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