Metroid Origins: Chapter 8: Samus

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Art by Julie Dillon


Brroch taught everyone about what he had learned from the Varia Suit.  By his teachings the Chozo united to meet the challenge of exploring space.  The name Samshus was taken by the Chozo from Brroch’s teachings.  It was spoken in reverence with regards to the name of the Sunborn Child that had come and saved them from the Tourians.  It was modified into the Chozo language as the second form for the word of hunt.  The first form spoke of killing dumb beasts for sport and food.  Samshus means the rightful hunting of sentient beings.  Another word derived from it was samasa, the Chozo word for the deepest revenge.

~The Chozo Historian


Newborn gave up her struggle as Plogos flew her to the ancient Shrine of Prophesy.  Her photographic memory brought up a time long ago when she was taken there in Kerrfu’s arms.  She remembered standing before the Empress and Kerrfu as they debated her destiny.

Now she was placed again upon the amber stones.  Chozo prophesies were written around marking the return of the Sunborn Child, and to warn of the impending doom surrounding the end of the Chozo people.

Plogos pushed her through the hallowed corridors.  She caught glimpses of the prophesies as she passed: beware the age of freedom, horrible things are coming for those who forget their nature, keep claws planted firmly upon what is seen yet believe and strive for what isn’t.

The hulking frame of Kraagon clawed his talons at the end of that very telling line of wisdom.  Plogos stared at it for a brief time before moving on.  Newborn caught the last line: Only what can be seen with the eyes can be confirmed as truth.

The Varia Hallway had a different set of prophesies that spoke of the Sunborn Child.  A primitive etching depicted her, golden skin and eyes, long white hair shimmering with brilliance.  Newborn read of her origin… a whole planet massacred by the Tourians.  All women but the little girl named Samshus had been found and killed.  Then the Tourian Mother had the remaining men fight amongst themselves.  For her delight did they fight, each one longing to prove their worth.  The Demon Mother took the best fighters and left the weaker ones to die out.  As the madness of her mental disease passed from the forsaken aliens, they awoke to a desolate land.  They vowed their revenge against the Tourian Demons that destroyed their homeworld.

Plogos pushed Newborn past the story in the hallway.  They entered into a large cathedral.  There before her stood a tall Chozo statue.  She did not see the exquisitely carved work of art however.  Her eyes were glued to what its stony talons held.  There a purple orb rested, alive with potential energy.  She did not hear the many voices of the Chozo birds who were worshiping there.  The glowing orb held her in a telepathic, mesmerizing embrace.

‘She has come at last!’  One of the fanatical bird’s sang, ‘At our darkest hour the Newborn has arisen to help us!’

Many other voice screeched and hollered their exultation and delight.  Newborn was deaf to them all.  She only heard one single alien voice.  It vibrated throughout her mind and soul speaking in Chozo, ‘Who has come to unrest me?  Another proud warrior thinking themselves pure enough for my touch?’

Then to Newborn’s surprise it spoke in her Human tongue, “You are not Chozo?”

She didn’t feel the talons of the many worshipers gently moving her towards the gleaming purple orb.  Only the purple orb’s soft rays were felt against her skin.  It spoke to her again in Human, “Open your mind to me little warrior.”

She knew this orb had great power, probably enough to force her mind open on its own.  It could have done the same thing Mother Brian had done.  But this thing, this object of great worship asked for her to open to it in such a gentle manner.  She eagerly obliged its request.

Tendrils of itself softly moved within her mind searching her memories.  She let it see her upbringing among the Chozo, how she had learned to hunt and act as the birds did.  She let it see her deep friendship with Kerrfu, how the old bird treated her like a daughter.  It was not allowed to see anything before that.

Curiously it probed to see beneath those common memories, politely she declined.

“Why won’t you show me your true parents?”  It asked.

She flashed the purple orb a brief glimpse of the tragedy: father’s severed head held in mother’s limp arms.  The purple orb recoiled from this and said, “Such a tragedy for one so young!  You are a very promising candidate to me.  If you are pure enough then you can join with me.”

Newborn shouted at the orb, “I don’t want to be pure enough!  I don’t want join with you!”

The orb blinked on and off as if processing her answer.  “Yes,” it finally said, “Another said the very same thing many years before now.”

It unfolded itself, liquid mater, snaking wires, and gleaming power, opening its mind to her.

She saw its first waking memory several thousand years ago: a little girl staring at it in horrified wonder.

The girl looked very similar to Newborn, yet somehow extremely different.  The long golden hair was there but the blue eyes were replaced with yellow ones.  The skin was yellow instead of tan and she had no protruding nose, only two tiny breath holes.  Newborn realized she was not looking at a human being.

The strange alien girl spoke to a tall alien male beside her.  Even though she was speaking in a different language Newborn could hear her say, ‘I don’t want to be pure enough daddy.  I don’t want to join with it.’

The father shook his head, golden hair waving around his neck, ‘You have to join with it or more will fall victim to the Tourians.’

‘But I want to rebuild our race, to bring back what we used to be.’

The father rested his hand upon the girl, ‘Samshus, you are the only female of our kind that remains.  There is nothing left we can rebuild.  Many men gave up their lives to create the Varia Suit, males like myself that the Tourian Mother rejected.  Together we have forged a single weapon to destroy her once and for all.  We must do this before she massacres another planet.’

Little Samshus stared again at the purple Varia Suit, nodded her head, and stepped into it.  Varia saw the anguish then, millions of lives, massacred and destroyed by the Tourians, the many males sacrificed to make the suit, Samshus was the only female alive, the last of her kind, a dieing race.  Together the Varia Suit and Samshus forged a bond of purity and strength.  Samshus left the planet aboard a ship the Varia Suit had modified.  They went on a journey, the singular goal of deepest revenge ever on their minds.’

Newborn pushed back from the Varia Suit’s memories.  They reminded her of a similar experience, one that she had hidden away, even from Kerrfu.  The suit’s body was swirling around her.  It asked, “show me.”

With that Newborn nodded her head.  A dam of flooding images broke forth.  They flowed in torrents of anguish… flames and carnage, cityscapes destroyed… streets strewn about with dead humans… the pirates of space had killed everyone on plant K2-L, everyone but her.  Millions of lives massacred, a genocide of grotesque proportions.

She turned her head towards the floating purple orb of the Varia Suit and spoke in her haltering native tongue, “If I join you, will you help me destroy them?”

The orb went frantic then, its body swirling faster around Newborn, “Your tragedy has made you pure.  The Sunborn Child, Shamsus, whom I knew so long ago felt the same tragedy as you, a whole planet of lives destroyed by tyrants.  It is this that has purified you to merge with me body and soul.  You are indeed the Newborn One, the return of Sunborn.  I christen you Samus, newborn hunter of the stars.”

She closed her eyes awaiting the merging process.  A cringing heat was felt as the purple orb spun towards her mind, touching the golden strands of her hair.  It was mere inches away when frantic talons ripped her far from the Varia Suit’s grasp.  With a crash she fell to the stony floor awaking from a trance.  Deep Chozo eyes looked at her in concern.  She saw the scar on his beak and chirped questioningly, ‘Grandfather?’

‘Do not fear little bird for I have come to save you from certain death.’

She saw it all then: Plogos and Kraagon were fighting against three hooded Chozo as the remaining worshipers scattered.  The Empress was helping them through the cathedral, away from the Varia Suit, away from her only instrument of revenge.

Samus screamed for them to let her go.  In both Human and Chozo she begged them to return, begged them to let her merge with the power suit.  Even when she was placed in Kerrfu’s gentle arms she couldn’t stop herself from screaming.

Kerrfu flew her away singing soft lullabies to quiet her.  Nothing could quiet the madness.  In the midst of Newborn’s screams the haunting memory of the dragon returned.

The dragon-like alien easily chopped her father’s head from its body.  With a smirk he threw the head at Sarah’s mother.  The head hit her mom at such a velocity the neck broke.  Sarah Drillsmith saw her father’s head held in her mother’s limp embrace.  The gigantic alien stepped near where Sarah was hidden away.  Some of her parent’s blood splashed upon its dark filthy scales.  She glanced at those scales and saw her reflection looking back at her from a thousand angles.

She saw the little girl named Sarah Drillsmith.

She saw the young girl christened by the Chozo to be their Newborn One.

She saw the young woman called by the Varia Suit to be Samus, to wreck havoc upon the space pirates that murdered her family and home.

Her madness resolved itself towards a singular goal.  Samus would return again and merge with the Varia Suit.  Then she would have her deepest revenge.

She would start by slaying the dragon.

Chapter 9: Forgiven

Art by Transfuse

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