Metroid Origins: Chapter 6: Mother

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The remains of the Demon Mother were found within the cursed crater of her fallen ship.  Once lush farmlands became desolate deserts.  The Chozo renamed the place Crateria.  Most simply dismissed the deformed terrain as forbidden and moved on with their lives.  A select few obsessed over it.

It was an obsession passed down ever since the Psychic Wars, a last remnant of the Demon Mother’s demented ideals.  Like a slow and silent cancer it spread through Chozo minds over many years, bidding its time.  A cult of followers telepathically passed the mental virus to others, preaching the news of Mother’s return.  They called themselves the Fellowship of the Dark Flame.

For years the Dark Flame had dug quietly beneath Crateria, exploring the Tourian ship, and in its core, the hallowed remains of the Demon Mother herself.  She had a rather resilient body, able regain her facilities one molecule at a time.

~The Chozo Historian

Two Chozo huddled over the cooling embers of a hunting hearth. Many Shrieker bones were strung about the fireplace in what would seem a primitive fashion.

‘Speaking so openly against what the Chozo believe may not have been the most political move dearest Empress. You do not hold as much power as you once did.’

The second bird breathed heavily, ‘Politics. I am exhausted… tired of politics. If we do not act against the pirates now then who will?’

‘They believe in Newborn why don’t you?’

‘She killed a Shriek Bat today. This is good but what of an army of trained warriors.’

‘If she had the Varia Suite then-‘

‘She cannot wear that suit! Anyone who tries has been killed by it! Do you not value her life Kerrfu?’

‘I value her and yes I agree with you. I am only questioning your motives.’

‘And how have I fared according to your placating wisdom? Do I pass your tests?’

‘Empress you appear determined to go through with this. I will stand behind you.’

‘Well fed. Where is she now?’

‘Plogos is taking her away. She should be off the planet in a few moments.’


The hooded Chozo stood around the ancient tunnel that led downward singing a single maternal word.

Mother awoke from her regenerative slumber and responded by opening the crevice to her ship.  They descended into the darkness.  Turrets followed their movement as they passed through vaulted chambers, mechanical hidden eyes watched them progress deeper and deeper into the Demon Mother’s lair.

At last they stood before the incubation chamber that held their beloved.  Four elctro-plasmic doors sealed her in.

Her rebirth was a slow process.  Only with the help of her followers could it go any faster.  The brain and eye had come to being, which was more than enough facilities to run an army.  They were firmly placed inside a large clear chamber, the final physical seal between her and the universe.

The single eye emitted a curious gaze towards her followers.  The cult had grown ten-thousand fold since her rebirth, spreading to Zebes and beyond.

All across the Chozo empire, Followers of the Dark Flame expanded their holy thoughts to males of true and open spirits.  Over half the Chozo Counsels were Dark Flame members.  This made it rather easy to take away the Empress’ power as ruler.

There could be no rivals.

There was only one mother.

What have you brought me? She asked telepathically.

Each follower brought before her a Chozo female.  Some were already dead, a few, were alive and well, sleeping in their husband or brother’s arms.

She took the dead ones first, sucking their bodies into herself, feeding on their succulent flesh.  Then she turned her eye towards the living females.  One by one she took them over, they were easy prey for her.

In pitiful screeches they fell inside the burning acid, bodies broken down and devoured by the Demon Mother’s fluidic tendrils.  She relished the taste of their souls as they succumbed to her will.  Each wondered why their fathers, sons, and husbands betrayed them.

An older Chozo stepped forward, ‘please Mother Brain.  May we see your true form?’

‘Yes,’ another bird sang, ‘only what is seen in the mind is truth.’

The eye blinked once, invisible thoughts reached out to their hungry minds, projecting versions of her into their heads.  Each saw Mother differently according to their preferences of feminine beauty and wisdom, a long lost love, a gentle grandmother, a deceased sister. Welcome aboard the Tourian my noble sons. Her mental projections thought to them.

She turned her attention to the one male that hadn’t brought her anything.  He was tall and strong, the perfect specimen of a Chozo.

Have you brought me anything worthy of my time?

He stepped forward and opened his mind completely to her.

I see that your name is Plogos.  A new strong son of my family!  And you have brought to me… can this be true!  Let me see her at once!

Plogos unfurled his cloak and presented the sleeping Earthling child to Mother Brain.  Newborn rested their on the floor, calm and serene.  Mother reached inside her mind and saw that she was dreaming of her family.  They were holding her hands, both father and mother, swinging her back and forth between them.  A lovely thought indeed.

Mother nudged Newborn awake.  The girl awoke and found herself in another dream, basking in a field of wild flowers.  But this dream was more real then the others.  She could smell the earth-like flowers of her home planet on K2-L.  On the other side of the field was her mother, long golden hair; “almost as pretty as Yours is Sarah,” dad would say.  Newborn stood up and ran towards her mother.  Mother held out her human arms to receive Newborn and said in Chozo speech, ‘Come to me Newborn. I have been waiting for you.’

Newborn stopped.  Something wasn’t right.  Mother didn’t know how to speak Chozo.  And why didn’t she call her by her Earth name of Sarah?

She shook her dazed head.  Her mother’s form wavered before her.  Something else came into view, mere inches from her face.  She saw it then, tall electrical frame, the smelt of burning metal.  She felt the heat of the electro-plasmic door close by and jumped several steps back.  Behind the four elctro-plasmic doors… the single eye of a nightmare looked her way.

Newborn looked at the eye-brain, the faint vision of her mother seen in its midst.  It was a lie, a sham.  Her mother was dead.  Something was using images to lure her towards her death.  She looked around and saw a Chozo bone lying on the ground.  Picking it up she hurled it towards the angry eye.  The bone vaporized upon contact with the elctro-plasma.  Hundreds of talons yanked her away.

Newborn saw nothing but the eye, angry and curious.  Something commanding reached inside her and spoke in thoughts, put her down.  She cannot hurt me. Newborn was placed before the angry eye.  Its thoughts bit violently into her brain.  Newborn couldn’t even scream for she had lost her ability to move.  She was pressed low to the ground.

So, the demon brain thought in a mocking tone, this is the Newborn, the so-called return of my Sunborn rival?  Oh how I remember that one… coming towards me so long ago in that shimmering Varia Armor of hers.  Didn’t I kill the Sunborn child?  Wasn’t she trying to kill me?  Even after all she had gone through, she just couldn’t manage it.  No woman can, which is why after all those years I am the mother eternal, not her.

And now another rival has come, a puny rival.  Tell me isn’t it true that only the pure in heart can wear the Sunborn armor?

Mother Brain released Newborn’s mind.  The girl whimpered screaming for mother and father to help her.

Poor little girl, searching for her parents in every relationship she comes in contact with.  When are you going to face the truth?  Your parents are dead, and only in death will you see them again.  Just like the sentient Varia armor, all alone without a master to wield it.  We should unite them I think.  Plogos take this girl to the Shrine of Prophesy.

Plogos ran to Newborn’s side and lifted her in his arms, holding her closely.  ‘But Mother there is yet to be found a Chozo that can wear the Varia Suit,’

This rival could be an exception though.  The armor might take pity on her.  Then she could march gallantly back in to me, waving that gaudy rifle arm in my face.

‘But Mother… the armor doesn’t accept anyone, it just merges their life into itself.  That would kill her.’

I could kill her now, merge her life into mine.  But what good would that do?  So many Chozo have put their trust in this little girl.  Let them see how far their dreams can take them.  Once the sentient armor kills her, all will see how silly the prophesy was to begin with.  There can be no rivals.  I am the only Mother.

Chapter 7: Season to Act

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  1. Honestly, and this is a small gripe, but the power suit is the most basic form of the suit. So why is it the Varia suit is mentioned?

    • SPOILER to the game Metroid: Zero.

      You remember in Metroid: Zero how she loses her power suit and finds the Varia one?…. this is that suit. And this is why I don’t have her joining with it yet, because you do so in the game itself.

      I will explain how Samus gets the Power Suit in the next installment.

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