Announcement : Void Voyage 1 is Comming Soon!

Art by Danyasaur

It started with a simple idea really.  One city-sized ship leaves the solar system to explore the stars.  Men and women live, and die aboard it.  Their children’s children will be born before they reach one of many interstellar destinations.  In this way I imagine mankind might explore the heavens.

I spoke of this to my father who replied with a simple question: why only one ship?

Void Voyage is the answer to that question.  A serial fiction set deep inside our own solar system.  This epic story is about a 311-year-old man who rules humanity.  Haru the Bright is nearing the end of his tri-centennial life.  He wishes to right the many wrongs he inherited when christened as High Consular of the planets.

The Second Son of Sol has his work cut our for him.  There is much corruption to correct: gruesome genocides on Earth, thousands of innocents sent to the pineal colonies of Venus, wars fought in the deeper orbits of Uranus and Neptune, human clones sacrificed to the ancient gods of Greece and Rome… just to name a few.

Void Voyage 1: I Shall not Rest in Peace is the first episode of this epic space opera, seen from the eyes of a clone doomed to sacrifice her life for peace, upon the terraformed planet of Mars .

War is brewing among the Planetary Lords.  Can Haru stop the madness before billions meet their death?  Will a clone designed to die for the sake of peace choose to live for it?  What are the Annul?

These questions and many more will be answered in this first tale of many.  Coming soon to an eBookstore near your Kindle, Nook, iPhone, Droid, PC, and iPad.

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