Update on my Mysterious MC Project

The world is finished! 

Well, it was finished a week ago. I was working on the marketing when I got sick. And man did this sickness hit me hard! Just a constant fever, no throat issues, but I’m very sleepy all the time. As you might have imagined, this sort of slowed down as I’m still working through it. Hoping to get well enough to attend a Thanksgiving feast, but things aren’t looking that good. Pray for me if you could.

I am getting better but it’s going to be a slow recovery. 

Once I’m well enough, I’ll get an old roommate from Louisiana to help me make the trailer. Making trailers for Lifeboat is one of my jobs so I have a few years experience on that. Then I’ll need to take 5 screenshots, write a description and walkthrough, and package it all up. I have a lot of confidence in this map, every time I see it brings a smile on my face. Kids will love it (if the marketing is done correctly).

I’ll also need to do a keyart (sort of like the game’s book cover). This is so important to get right. It is the first thing the customer sees. I’ve just learned how to use Blender so that I can do a realistic rendering that catches the eye. 

As for what type of game? Can’t say until Microsoft approves it. Gotta keep things close to the chest in this industry.

Anyways, hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving. And, I sure hope to be over this soon.

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