Tubing Down Clear Creek in Golden Colorado

Note: the pic is not of me but was taken from here

So my brother took me tubing a few days ago.  Not the kind a Louisianian like myself is used to.  There were no boats involved just you, a tire tube, and the creek.  While maneuvering myself as eloquently as a piece of driftwood, I thought that perhaps this misadventure would make a nice blog post… and then I hit a dip in the rapids and thought of little else.

Here are a few pointers my bro showed me:

“When going down a mini waterfall, lift your legs up.”

I do so with glee lifting it high into the air.  Then my tube gets stuck in perpetual limbo at the bottom of the falls.  So naturally I need to put me feet down and fix the situation with– KaSplash! 

Down I go!

“When in calm waters, steer backwards.  I’ts easier.”

Yeah I’m getting the hang of it I think.  I’m steering backwards like a pro.  I can go this way.  I can go that way.  I can go–

“Watch out for the rock!”

–KaFlipiddy Flip splash gulp!!!

“Yeah and make sure you are watching behind for rocks.”

Thanks a lot oh wise brother of mine.

So all in all we went down the creek three times.  I fell in the freezing, yet surprisingly refreshing water, about ten times.  And I had the most fun I have had in ages!

If you have a creek nearby and some gumption, I recommend it.  If nothing else, it will be hilarious comic relief for your friends and family.

5 thoughts on “Tubing Down Clear Creek in Golden Colorado

  1. I had a similar misadventure the first time I ever went tubing. But the creek we were in was extremely long, so about an hour and a half into it I think I finally got the hang of it (at least a little). Better luck next time! 🙂

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