Noir City

Noir City is a murder mystery set in the steampunk city of the same name. The world is my own. It will also be a new challenge as I’ve never written a murder mystery before. The two protagonists Ninombir and Yewna immediately fall in love of course. This odd occurrence will be accounted for and make sense in the end. There will be struggles for this love, as all love takes time to mature and grow, but in the end, the bad person (or persons) will be caught and true love will win.

Not sure about how much time it will take to write this story or when I will write an episode, so, for that one lonely person in all of the world following along, be patient.

Noir City 1

Noir City 2

Noir City 3

Noir City 4

Noir City 5

Noir City 6

Noir City 7

Noir City 8

Noir City 9

Noir City 10