Up My Game

Life can be hard, so I must work harder. Six months ago I published my second Minecraft map Huge. It wasn’t much of a big  success. So, I decided to take stock with my actions and learn more about Minecraft. As in life, when things get me down, I need to move my imaginings to other places, growing to become a better person, one that is more understanding over all.

Just because Huge wasn’t so big, doesn’t mean I give up! Try, try, and try again! So, I’ve been secretly working on a third Minecraft game. This time I’ve learned a thing or two about command blocks and structure blocks.

Command blocks allow you to teleport players, detect how many enemies are left in a room to trigger an exit, and other wonderful stuff that make a map feel more like a game. Coupled with structure blocks you can, for example, detect if a player is nearby and create new structures out of thin air when he comes close.

I learned about commands (with a little help from my work buddies) by building a command-block-heavy map for Lifeboat. Then I took what I learned and brought it home to work on my own map after work.

I also plan to have an old roommate from Louisiana test my map and give me feedback. This is so important! I need feedback to understand what parts of the map don’t work. If I don’t get this, then I’ll turn in a map like Huge and wonder why it’s making mediocre reviews. A good artist (and man of any merit) invites feedback. We don’t live on an island! 

So, with Huge I used zero command blocks and I had zero testing. This next map will be more exciting to play (more like a game) and also it will be tested by someone other than me. This map will turn a room upside down at one point. Stairs will run away from you until you defeat the mobs that guard them. I even managed to spawn the new 1.19 update monster called a warden. You have to sneak by him in order to free some allays (another new mob), and then you float up to an upside down room to reach the next exit! Fingers crossed my tester will understand all of this… if not well, try, try, try, and try again.

The hardest thing for me to do will be a giant boss fight using structure block commands! But, alas, this game will have to wait. I’m visiting my brother in Denver starting this Saturday. So, no blog posting or map building until at least next Friday when I return.

My brother had surgery and is in recovery. So I want to be there for him. My mom will also be there which will be a nice treat!

Friend, I know it’s hard to be open. Though it pains me at times, in my prayers God helps me understand. This is different. It won’t be like Huge. We are getting better, faster, and stronger (Daft Punk anybody?). I am beginning to trust again. Just please, be well, and as my Grandma said to me for the last time before her passing, “Be good!”

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