Huge is Out!

You can watch the trailer here!

It currently has 1,133 views and 5 map reviews. 

I’ve done all I can; now it’s up to the audience. Let’s see what they say.

Most maps make about three thousand dollars and disappear. A select few make 10K or more. And an even greater select few make a whole lot more (some of our maps have made more than half a million). It appears like this map will be in around the 3K range. This is about how much I made on the Clo map (though it hasn’t disappeared. I make about 60$ a month from it).

It is a bit disappointing of course but it took me way less time to complete. I spent about 40 hours on it which means I made 75 dollars an hour. So, this map will give me a bit of a bonus bump and I’ll call it a day.

My next project is to work on persona content, that is, selling clothes and costumes that players can wear over their skins. There is a steep learning curve but a few things could make this more lucrative for me. Partners can only make 5 items a month. Items that don’t sell well are taken out of rotation. This makes the pie of content smaller so that the piece you take in will be larger. The steep learning curve also means that not so many partners are creating persona items. Lifeboat makes about 2k a month on persona items. I’ve heard of another partner making up to 7K a month. 

I have no idea what I can make in this field, but I might as well try! It will also teach me how to use blockbench which could help me learn how to create my own entities. Maps with unique entities have a greater chance of success on the Marketplace.

The creative field is always trial and error. You have to expect to stumble a bit before you succeed. Sometimes you try something, put all of your effort into it… and it falls flat. This was the Clo map for me. So I try try again with much less effort and a more fine-tuned understanding, and it still falls flat. This was Huge. But these are only a few bumps along the road of life. Chin up. Be calm and carry on! 

Try try try!

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