A HUGE Re-submission!

Man, this pun never gets old! As predicted, once December 15th was finished, Microsoft moved on from winter-themed maps and returned to viewing regular maps. What I didn’t expect was to hear from them so soon! They found an issue with terrain that I promptly fixed and then resubmitted. 

This is a very good sign!

There are dozens and dozens of maps to look through at this time; it only took them 2 days to get to mine! I expected them to find an issue. You can’t expect to get things very perfect on the first submission, and they are incredibly picky. Being prompt in re-submission tells them that I’ve heard their concern and addressed it as soon as I could. They will see my fixed map first thing on Monday.

After this, there will be testing on the various devices and then… I get to choose when it comes out. If they continue to be quick I can fit it into the January or February months.

Why are they so prompt? 

A few theories:

  • I’m one of the first partners having many extravagant ideas but suddenly going dormant once I got my job with Lifeboat. They want to encourage those great ideas.
  • They’ve seen my good work as a producer at Lifeboat. Lifeboat has a good track record and so it makes sense that they would want to also support me. 
  • This would mean nothing, however, if my map weren’t also very fun to play. It appears that they enjoy it! (Also making that walkthrough helps the testers enjoy it too).
  • I just submitted an update on Chronicles of Clo. In that update I addressed a multiplayer issue that they had pointed out. So, both of my maps are currently on their mind!

Never bite the hand of the master that feeds you. Always be nice to them. Here’s a great verse from proverbs 22:29 that I try to follow:

Do you see a man skillful in his work?

    He will stand before kings;

    he will not stand before obscure men.

A person who is skilled at something is only valuable to kings and powerful people who can use that skill. People who are in the same field will only envy the master. So, if you are a master at something, go to a company or place that will see this mastery and use it. In this, both are fulfilled. 

Have a lovely weekend my friend and a glorious Christmas holiday! Praying for you and your others. Be sweet, be kind, be safe, and be well.

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