A Huge Opportunity

Microsoft is still looking at my next Minecraft map called Huge. This is normal. I’ll probably hear from them about it on Friday.

Why start with Huge? It took me 5 years to make the first map. Of course, I didn’t use any editing tools, placing every block by hand. This led me down some interesting builds. I was having fun after and had no idea it would eventually become a commercial product. One day while flying around my “huge” world, I thought about the average block and began to count the pixels on it. 

Minecraft blocks are 16x16x16 pixels large. What if I were to make a giant version of the block using colored blocks instead of pixels? This would make the giant block the size of 16x16x16 blocks. 

So, just for the fun of it, I built a giant tree trunk block, a giant red brick block, a giant grass block, and a few others. These are the assets I copied into my next map using the editing tool Amulet. Amulet allowed me to continue copying these blocks over and over so that I could make a giant red brick house on a giant field of grass with a giant tree nearby. 

But the fun part is… I went a little above and beyond and hid regular sized buildings inside the giant blocks. So when you break into them, there’s a surprise waiting.

The next thing to do was to learn how to make the regular Minecraft mobs into giants. This took a little bit of coding which meant I had to manipulate some JSON files. After that… it was on to the Marketing which I explained in greater detail in a previous blog post

Building the world was so much fun. I just can’t wait to see it show up on the Marketplace! Also, putting it out right after Christmas in January or February… well this is right after kids get their stocking-stuffer, minecoin cards for Christmas. It is the best time to put out a map!

If I can also have the update to Chronicles of Clo come out at that time, and at a lower price… all the better! I just need amulet to update to the latest version of Minecraft 1.18 which should take a few days (I hope).

How did I even get here? 

I received my Music Degree in Music Composition back 2005. I’ve lived many different lives.

Band director 

Piano teacher

Church Pianist at a Baptist church

Church Pianist at another Baptist church

Music/ Fine Arts teacher

Piano teacher

Minecraft creator

God willing I can add 2 new feathers to this cap:



Go to church, work at home on various projects, find that special someone, and quietly make a difference in this world. Sounds like a huge opportunity to me! 

God knows. I can only pray and align my goodness to His.

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