A Slower, Quieter Life

There are 2 levels of work that allow for someone to live this way. I’m already in the first level. 

Before I took the introverted job of making Minecraft maps, I was in an extroverted job of being a teacher. I loved aspects of this, usually the teaching parts were best, but ultimately, working with the administration was very difficult for me. I have an active and imaginative mind… I always was more of a creator anyways.

So, now I have the introverted job of making Minecraft maps. I work 9 to 5 in an office with little to no drama, mostly full of other introverts. It is a job of ease… not meaning the workload but the ease of mind in finally finding something that fits my active imagination. It is a dream job and the first level at living a slower, quieter life.

I work, I go home, I go to church. I make plenty of money growing my savings to  something far more than I’ve ever had in any job before. I’m frugal with my relatively small fortune. I’m generous towards others, paying for the meals of friends at times. That’s it! And this is a lovely thing for an introvert. 

But there is a deeper level… 

Level 2 means working exclusively from home. I have every intention of reaching that level as soon as I can. This would allow me to work virtually anywhere I wish in relative ease. It will take time but as you will find out, I have been laying the foundation for working this way ever since I started writing back in the year 2000.

I have several unfinished but well-written books. My depression has kept me this far from accomplishing my goal of being an established author (if only someone, anyone would believe in me… but alas this is a hard thing to find). Here is my list of unfinished projects. Keep in mind that a novel is 75 thousand words. A children’s book with pictures is even less. Some of these titles will be redacted (because they are very good titles and yet unpublished).

I published a sci-fi Novella called:

Symphony of Sol: I Shall Not Rest in Peace

34,621 words

I’ve been working on the second one which is currently 28,763 words long. I plan to combine them into a full novel someday since both take place on Mars. This would mean that I’m almost 2/3rds done with a word count of 63,384.

A Fantasy Sci-fi about a place many think is heaven… it is not.

About 60,000 words

I wrote a fantasy about going on an adventure for a friend. 

The first book is currently:

37,688 words

The second book is currently:

30,759 words

I plan to fatten them up to novel size eventually. I also have plans for books 3 and 4 and many other plans beyond that. The Noir City was a second iteration of books set in this universe, but I honestly don’t know what to do. I have several personal issues tied to this book. The friend and I haven’t spoken to each other in a considerably long time. Chances are, It’ll stay dusty for many years before I revisit it.

A story that changes the basic endings to classic fairy tales.
14,865 words

Sebastian and Bufurd and the poem Oddly Oinky (children’s books)

27,102 words

A Fantasy about Lore (not the title)

20,873 words

I hope to support my writing by making money from the Minecraft maps that I make. Huge is my first map in this direction.

The slowest and quietest life is within reach. I am a fast writer… if only I could get over this constant depression. It has been slowing me down considerably especially for the last 3 years. I get headaches that last for days. My heart grows cold with anxiety. I just lose hope. 

My depression was always situational. I had a very happy childhood. Once the situation is over… I will be happy again, one way or another.

God is good, and His goodness has sustained me for this long. Perhaps things will change soon. 

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