Let’s Go with 2 Narrators on an Adventure

*What follows is a chapter from an experimental fantasy book of mine. I’m toying with the idea of having two narrators. The setup is that you are reading a mutual journal that uses a magical mind quill to write out the journal entrees of each protagonist. In this way, they are able to share their thoughts about an adventures after it happens. They can add musings that they didn’t understand at the time. Super experimental. The format might need to be changed for clarity. The male protagonist’s thought are written with no changes. The female protagonist’s thoughts are in italics.

Chapter 17

The true nature of the storm began to open up to us, and I was ready to face whatever beast lived within the Eye. I pulled out my blade preparing for the battle of a lifetime. Edgar gazed at the storm with one of his steady eyes. 

A malignant form arose… crawling out of the shattered earth. Only its shadow could be seen through strikes of lightning. It was a monster of tendrils formless and massive reaching towards the sky and piercing through it into the night beyond. A demonic charismatic force pushed us back. Yewna placed her hand on my shoulder. I saw something so sure in her eyes. She tried to speak to tell me something over the gale of chaos. I heard no words but felt a glimmer of hope

It was a tree.

I know that now of course, but couldn’t fathom so massive a beast as…

It was foliage. A giant white tree of foliage.

White? How can you be so sure?

Because evil disguises itself in white. And, deep down I knew. This was pure evil itself, trapped in vortex, arguing with the All God for the soul of Flodnag. 

You had your owl and your bow, poised and ready. But then, in the midst of it, I noticed something else. In your eyes I saw that your heart wasn’t present. In fact, it was very exhausted with things to the point of hopelessness. 

Giving hope to others often leaves you with hopeless. 

The warp, such a strange place to humans, well, for me this place of shifting ideas was more familiar. I was once an idea myself, given life by the Scribe to come here… and do what exactly? Fight evil I guess. You had seen the warp as a tool to judge… and in that judgment of an old lost friend you found things a bit overwhelming. 

And we were fighting for Flodnag all wrong. The sword was not powerful enough.

I guess we should have brought the dwarf with us. His ax might have…

No weapon can defeat evil, not at its roots.

I didn’t understand the meaning of it all at the time, why you held me back from attacking. But I trusted you. So, I put my blade down and waited in silence as the storm raged over us. I just stood beside you. I waited for you.

I really enjoyed the adventure at times, as hard as it gets, I really loved all that was happening… I just needed some space, some time to take it all in. You saw that in me. It amazes me how you notice these things. We needed to think differently.

I nodded my head in understanding the nuances of it. I had thought at the time that you were just not ready. 

I was ready, but not in the way you proposed. There is a better way to fight the evils of this world.

I was about to move off when you held me back. With that stare. I understood it. 

You had thought I had wanted to be alone… but I needed you. I needed your silence. 

“Flodnag can wait another day or so.” I thought to myself. I need to take care of her, of my beloved. I need to help her.”

I thought of my times as an idea yet to be formed, when I was left to myself. I knew just what to do. The ways of the Warp are mysterious and imaginative. They are living dreams. Some come to life, others pass on. Many have used these formless ideas in different ways. The Celestials used it to hold Flodnag in limbo until his soul would submit to the mercy and grace of Yevnwen. But, there are other uses for the Warp. 

You had wanted to tell me all of that back then didn’t you? You thought I was done with the fight.

For a time.

I was very much not done with the fight, but we needed to slow down and think of the best approach.

And so in the chaos of the storm, we both decided to paus, each for different reasons. And yet both reasons…

They were out of a mutual love for each other. The All God was directing this.

As He does all things. I had assumed that part of you was beginning to understand the warp as I saw it. 

I didn’t understand. I mean I sort of did, just couldn’t put it into words. It just felt like there was more to this, more sides than just brashly fighting towards a goal. The symptoms of evil sometimes need a sword to wack it down. But the root of evil, the tree of evil itself… this needs a more nuanced approach. I looked deep into Athena’s eyes. The stars there were just dazzling… the beauty of it all they began to move. 

That was when the storm and its formless tree suddenly stopped. Looking back at it now, I noticed the white bark within the flashes of lightning frozen, I just couldn’t fathom such evil to be so pleasantly adorned. 

The stars in the eyes of my owl were the only thing that moved. It all sort of just drew us in.

We were completely overcome with endless possibilities until we had passed on from the limbo of the storm. 

Deep in my heart I knew that we had indeed made it into the heart of the Warp.

I used the ideas around us to construct a type of ship. It had the appearance of a sea-faring vessel. 

But it would not move. So I used a few nearby thoughts and formed sails that captured the surround thoughts. In this way the ship was caught in the flowing winds of ideas. It began to maneuver.

We constructed other instruments for navigation. Yewna was the helm being familiar with such things. 

And you were my navigator, having a deeper understanding of the Warp we traversed.

There was no telling how long it took, for, in the Warp time cannot be measured or felt. 

It could have been a hundred days or a dozen seconds.

In this warp-faring ship we traversed through Infinite oceans and unfathomable skies. 

We saw so many wonderful things… some that I have no words for.

Nor I. We visited many other worlds far more strange than our own. The moon was seen high above.

We did not even think to go that way. 

Yes, somehow when ever we looked towards the moon, our eyes immediately looked away.

Did you notice how the moon suddenly became a crescent? I forced myself to watch. I realized it wasn’t covered in darkness, but another smaller, and far more silent moon had moved in place. This created what appeared to be a Crescent of the first moone. 

Then the legends of the silent moon are true! Your family name of Crescentium is based on this legend. They say the silent moon mourns day and night but none can hear it. Only the final moon, the larger one at times, will move close and comfort her, giving her safety and help from her pain for a time. Someday the moons will be joined together. On that day it will not be a crescent but a ring with the silent moon in front of the final moon. And on that day the darkness of the silent moon turned bright. 

Many have wondered what color the silent moon actually is. In her shadows none can say. It’s a costume for little girls who have been told this story to say what color they think it will be. Many have prayed for the silent moon to be their favorite color.

I couldn’t be sure, it was only a flicker of time, a glance and then the silent moon was gone. The final moon was full again. But we traversed many fantastical places. I saw a world of armored monsters with beams of light that cut through anything.

Yes, but the monsters were more golem than living. And their beams of light were like a focused fire. We saw other more familiar places. Of dragons and magic.

Some places had tall smooth mountains, more like monoliths. They had windows in them and many people living inside. They were buildings! Buildings that were the size of mountains. The people drove armored horseless carriages. 

These were the thoughts and imaginings of the Scribe.

What of the couple?

The man and woman, cut off by time and space. The man who looked like me. He was the Scribe.

And what of the woman who looked like me?

I do not know that part. I am like the scribe and you must be like… someone else, someone he knows.

These visions moved so swiftly by. It was all so breathtaking.

Simply amazing. It was then that I had brought to mind a special place where I would often visit as a Living Element. My thoughts themselves brought it to pass. The wordless places moved away from us. My special world formed right before our eyes. 

It was like seeing the creation of a whole new world. 

In fact, it was just that, for the place was triggered to come only when I brought it to mind.

Oceans and clouds came to pass, and many floating islands dotted the skies.

We flew to a charming little town. It was a place of merriment and silent contemplation.

There were all sorts of colorful books!

That’s right. I forgot about the libraries.

We entered an empty house full of instruments.

That would be my house. 

Of course, it was. I bet you didn’t know I could play the lute.

You do look like the lute-playing-type of girl. 

And you picked up the water organ. How could you match my melody? I asked you to show me this.

When you stopped playing your tune on the lute, it continued to play. We sat there side by side. My hands directing your fingers over the keyboard, leaning in to show you a note on the far side as an excuse to bump into you.

I pretended not to understand just so you could bump into me again. 

Then, with my haulterd voice, I put words to the tune you began: “I walk into your shoes, ask about these broken scars. Quietly you muse, freckles like the fallen stars. Dreams forged through fires frozen burning tomes of banished pages. Hold on dear another world is forming from sweet ashes cold, just hold fast here a phoenix bold is forming from your scars and ashes. This is how true love is born, to be and set so free.”

I was too transfixed by your voice… and your playing. These were beautiful things.

When I stopped playing and singing… the music just kept going. 

I could even hear my voice adding future verses that had yet to be thought.

Your voice is unparalleled and matchless in its beauty and longings. I led us into a dance. 

Our noses touched.

That was not on purpose. 

It was a pleasant accident.

In the Warp we could live a hundred different lives a hundred different ways. We were almost lost to the lull of it all, but you pulled us away from these living dreams and back into the storm to face the evil tree. You never did explain to me what made you pull us back. 

In the midst of the many songs we shared… I saw what was to be for us and… I wanted to come back and see it through into reality.

So cryptic and mysterious. 

You told me that you liked that about me.

I do.

**Check back to this post for additional chapters… as you wish it.

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