Coping with Issues

It’s always such a shock to learn something suddenly. It takes you out of yourself. You feel anger, like life has been punking you. Perhaps you may not have understood it all as you thought. The common response is to freeze up, close things off for a time… figure it out. 

My parents recently paid me a visit. They are just a reminder of how good I have it. I grew up in a blessed home with several issues, yes, but looking back, they were nothing compared to the issues other families have had to deal with.

Oddly enough, this made my grownup life a little more difficult to deal with. When deeply-rooted and painful issues come my way, I don’t have any grooves to deal with them. I just don’t know how to deal with tragic events very well.

How I Cope

The family on my father’s side were farmers once upon a time. This gives me a hard work ethic that I’m very proud of. Any issues that arise are to be met with a stoic attitude. Keep working hard and everything will work itself out. My grandfather acted this way. My father continues to act in this way. I’m a copy and paste of just that. 

So, how do I cope when tragic issues appear? I bottle it up and keep working. It will all work itself out in time. This can lead to a lot of pain if I don’t learn any day-to-day coping mechanisms. 

The Day to Day

What if the issues take years? What if you must wait for God’s timing or someone else’s timing to move a mountain in your life? Bottling it up is not the answer… at all. 

Stewing on deep issues you have no control over means that you freeze your life, waiting for it all to work itself out. This means that life passes you by. Any chance I have to move on in some way shape or form, new job opportunity or a new person to date… well, I have a tendency to bottle it all up and wait for the mountains in my life to be moved first. This could take several years. That’s years of wasted opportunities passing me by because I’m fixated on a problem that cannot be controlled.

I guess I should have taken the lesson from Dead Poet’s Society a little more seriously. 

Carpe Diem my friend. 

This means deal with today and do not worry about tomorrow. It means forgiving the mountains in your life. It means going outside with friends every now and then. Don’t stop your life and wait for others. Do things in the here and now that bring about joy.

Forgive and find happiness in the day-to-day blessings of the Lord. Be thankful for what you have. Don’t envy others. Also, be understanding of the mountains in your life. Those who block you also have issues to deal with. Unless you have a truly deep connection with them, how they handle those issues are not your concern. If anything, pray for them.

Keep calm and carry on.

Maybe there’s something to all of those cheesy messages after all. The stoic in me needs to let up a little bit. All things work together for God’s glory not mine. How it happens… who’s to say.

Now, I think I’ll go antique shopping with my mom. Maybe hit up that Tibet Corner restaurant later.

Thank you Jesus for what you’ve given me. I forgive and I release tomorrow’s worries. 

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