Noir City 4

blue prints airship.jpg

Yewna awoke to a far-off yell. Her eyes gazed about the nooks of the cave. Then they beheld Ninombir resting in his chair across from her. Was this the dream? She thought. There were blankets around her, they tumbled off as she sat up. Her dress shimmered from forest green to the brilliant green of an ocean wave, thinned by the rays of the sun.

This was a new color.

Ninombir’s also awoke. His mouth opened as he gazed at her. His eyes were dull and dreamy as if under a spell.

“Excuse me?” She said. His eyes jolted up instantly.

“It’s just that dress! I’ve never seen mesmer cloth before.”

I’m very sure you were only looking at my dress. She thought.

I really was only looking at her dress! Nin convinced himself. He averted his eyes just to prove this point.

The far-off yell sounded again, much closer. The little red door burst open with a very animated Slag yelling, “Hey! There are some people to see you!”

Nin led Yewna outside and was immediately slammed against the oak wall by a very large man in a blue and green uniform. Nin had never been in a fight, much less acosted by a bully. People just really liked a reliable handy-man. He’d heard about fights though and seen a few. It was agonizing to see the pain in their eyes and face, but this was very odd to Nin… he didn’t feel a thing while being pushed against the oak. In fact, he felt rather invigerated. Something like a click happened in his mind; he was thinking of three ways that he could break out of this brute’s hold.

Before he could try one of them, Yewna broke in, “Let him go!”

The brute spoke, “I’ll let him go, my Princess, just as soon as you answer my question. Did he touch you?”

“He saved my life!”

“But you were alone with him in the night.”

Yewna looked around at all of the snow as if this would explain it. She then narrowed her eyes, “We slept in separate chairs.”

The brute loosened his grip, “You slept in a chair?”

“We had talked by the hearth and had fallen asleep. Where else could I have gone in this cold? Without him, I would have died.”

The brute released Ninombir, which was a shame because Nin was about to do something, sort of fun. Once he was released, his old mind came back. It chided him, Where you really about to take on a man twice your size?

“Many apologies Mr. Hero.” The brute said with a slight bow. “Now Princess, if you would accompany me to the ship, we can take you to your father’s fleet.”

He extended his hand, which Yewna refused to take. “I am not leaving here until my brave Mr. Hero has been properly rewarded!”

“Very well,” The guardsman said with a deeper bow to the Pincess. He turned to Ninombir, “Would you mind accompanying us to the Grandon Fleet of the Great Crescentium Air Force?”

All the guards were looking at him now. Nin suddenly felt very naked. “I’d need to tell my parents.”

Slag patted him on the back, “No need for that! This story alone is worth its weight in rum!”

Nin turned to the gray man. “You will tell my parents then?”

“I’ll tell the whole Keep! If your parents are still in that house of there’s, it will, no doubt make its way to their ears.”

Yewna placed her hand on his arm, “We have carrier eagles. You could write to them. Oh, please come! We’ll be sure to bring you home safely. But you must meet my father.”

Nin looked into those deep brown eyes of hers. They were two worlds of their own. The conversation last night barely scratched the surface of what thoughts and dreams lay behind them. It would take a lifetime for a woman such as her. He smiled then, which made her blush. “How can I refuse?”

Ninombir and Yewna were escorted then, to a very large airship.

“That’s big!” Nin said.

Yewna squeezed his arm, “Wait until you see my father’s!”


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