Enneagram, an Addendum

In a previous post I stated that Enneagrams and Myers Briggs tests and the like were neutral. That was before watching this very convicting video.

Doreen Virtue was once a fortune teller, deeply rooted in New Age and cultic practices. Now she’s a reformed believer in Christ. She covers various topics of her former life that I find fascinating. Her responses are always biblical. She consistently shows repentance from her evil past.

I’ve never struggled with astrology personally, or anything New Age… that is until I watched her video on the Enneagram.

Thank you Jesus for pointing out the error of my ways!

I recommend you watch the whole video, especially hearing the heart-wrenching testimony of Jillian Lancour who is a pastor’s wife and previous Enneagram teacher. But, if you don’t have that much time, I’ve pointed out some of the highlights.

Skip to 4:03
Shows a clip where the founder of the Enneagram admits that it came from automatic writing. This is the occult channeling of demons.

Skip to 54:08
Here Doreen explains her past experiences to automatic writing and what that actually is.

Skip to 37:20
Here, one of Doreen’s guests, Marcia Montenegro, gives a convicting explanation of how similar Enneagram and other personality type tests are related to astrology readings.

Skip to 16:50
Here, Doreen explains about the author of Myers Briggs and how this personality test, along with Enneagram, are related to the occult.

Skip to 48:40
Here, Marcia explains how the meat sacrificed to idols verse, doesn’t work with Enneagram. She then rightly calls out Enneagram as not being neutral. In my previous post, I had erroneously called it neutral. I have since, edited the last part of that post to reflect this truth.

Enneagram is evil. It comes from the devil. It is of the devil and I will not support it any longer.

The same can be said about Myers Briggs. I’ve deleted all things on my phone that once supported this astrology. I recommend that you do as well.

Read your bible and find your identity in Christ alone.

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