Myers Briggs vs Faith

Personality tests give you answers to a whole lot of questions in life. They tell you of yourself and those around you. The problem is, most of those answers are only kind of true.

What’s Your Sign?

Horoscopes and the like do the same thing. 

Myers Briggs or MBTI claims to have all of the answers and when it does answer things correctly, you get this feeling of euphoria. Dopamine hits the brain in just the right way. The universe has opened up and revealed its secrets a little bit more.

When it doesn’t hit things right, you shrug it off and try again. Just keep shaking that 8 ball. At some point the answers will all make sense! 

The worst thing about the astrology of Myers Briggs… is when it gets it wrong but you think it got it right. Maybe it’s almost there but a little bit off, and so you ignore the “off” for the “almost there”, and suddenly your perception of life itself is a mixture. How you view things. How you speak to people. How you remain silent. 

And then well, sin or righteousness is no longer a factor in your thinking. What matters most is putting a bunch of mental sticky notes on people. I used to do it all the time.

“My boss is such a technical judging type. He doesn’t understand my ideas because I have empathy and perception.” When, in reality, I’m just mad that he chose someone else’s ideas over mine. My sin is envy and covetousness, but I have an MBTI plank in my eye which frees me to judge those who don’t fit my comfy zone.

“She must be intraverting it out. It’s just her thing.” When really she has no intention of ever opening up. In this case my sin is pride. I’m too prideful to accept rejection and move on. I put all of my hopes and dreams in the wrong thing. Instead of giving it to God, I give it to… people.

Life is so hard to understand. We love answers, even if they are wrong answers. And we will hang upon those wrong answers over faith any day.

Faith in God Hurts Our Pride

Having all of the answers closes us up from pursuing the Answer! Seeking an invisible God takes faith. He doesn’t give us the answers we seek. Many times when reading His Word, I find other types of answers. Hard truths that jab at me, poke at my inside soul and tell me how to act in a better way.

Those aren’t the answers my comfy zone seek. But humility is the better approach. I don’t understand what’s going on inside me. I don’t get other people. I must have faith in God and faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen.

I have to understand that my faith in God means I won’t be seeing all of the truths until I reach heaven. For we now see in a mirror dimly, but someday it will be face to face reality! The truth will be revealed.

And it is those heavenly things I must hope for. This means, no more putting my trust in people. Just trust in a God whose hope does not disappoint. Hope differed makes the heart sick after all. But hope in Jesus is a spring of life welling up inside my soul!

If this means leaving half-truth, mixed-thought philosophies such as Myers Briggs and Enneagram behind, so be it.

There is a much better way. Trust in Him and be obedient to His heart. Love others as He loved me. Be patient and kind and giving and forgiving… especially when it doesn’t fit my comfort zone.

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