Co-op issues with my “Chronicles of Clo” Minecraft Map

Screenshot (667).png

At the end of the dream section, some of you might be experiencing a trapped chest problem in co-op. The first player to open the chest teleports to the Origin City section of the game. After this, the trapped chest stays open making it impossible for the next player to open it. This means that the second player in co-op cannot teleport and finish the map.

Apologies for the problem. I will be submitting an updated map that fixes this. The update should be out in a few weeks. Here is a temporary workaround.

Minor spoilers.

Screenshot (687).png

Play the game solo until after the airship crash. Invite a player to join your map only at this time. They will find the usual path in the dream is blocked. There is a new path opened which warps to the temple section.

Screenshot (688).png

Screenshot (689).pngScreenshot (690).png

Screenshot (691).png

Screenshot (692).png

I had created this just in case a late player wanted to join the game and enter at the temple section with their friends.

Thank you for your time. Very sorry for the inconvenience.

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