My best friend and fellow self-published author Jason Craft has cooked up a brand new story set in the urban fantasy genre. Amanda White and I (B. L. White- not related) have joined into the fray adding a few stories of our own. Below is a snap shot of Jason’s story. I will put in a snap shot of me story later. Stay tuned for more. Should be out soon, give or take a few weeks.

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I love writing in multiple genres at the same time. It works my brain all the way around, sloshing the creative juices everywhere. Now that Supremacy: Reformation is officially off the ground, I need to tell you about my cross-pollination with urban fantasy.

About three years ago, I wrote a short story involving angels and demons, completely ignorant of just how big the urban fantasy genre had become. The story itself wasn’t really that great, so I shelved the idea hoping it would ferment a little more. Well, after the whole Twilight craze drove me insane, I knew I had to bring something different to the UF table to wash away the embarrassing image of sparkling vampires.

I promptly dug up my story and presented to my writers’ group an idea of creating our own UF anthology set in my world. We put our three imaginations together and created Shadeskin

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