Supremacy: Reformation—Episode 1 is Here

My best friend Jason Craft has many things in common with me.  We both like to play video games, we like the same types of movies, and both of us are aspiring to become science fiction authors.  Something I have finely achieved in mid September 2011 with the first episode of Void Voyage.  He has finished his in November of the same year.

Supremacy is a fascinating universe in the style of two seemingly opposed genres.  It is high-brow space opera sci-fi mixed in with the fantasy of ancient gods.  His plan is to present a sprawling epic in episodic form.  You can read the first portion for only .99$.  Get it for your eReader at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, or read it on your computer at Smashwords.


With the rest of the galaxy shrouded in darkness, the Second Order stands as humanity’s last bastion of hope until the gods return. Its citizens cling to their emperor who rules with the divine mandate bequeathed him. However, many question his loyalty to the gods saying that he has supplanted them.

In this episode, a Priestess of the Communication Order leads a covert mission that heralds the beginning of a new era for the Second Order. For when the gods return, they will find a people ready to receive them instead of slaves to an emperor.

11 thoughts on “Supremacy: Reformation—Episode 1 is Here

  1. Nearly two years ago I wrote on my blog about my Dad dying, and you were kind enough to offer me some support. My blog has now changed and the posts I wrote hidden, but thank you, it was much appreciated. 🙂

  2. It was my pleasure Katiepede. Mourning for a parent’s loss must have been very hard. I hope things are looking up since I last posted.

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