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Symphony of Sol 1: I Shall Not Rest in Peace has been out for the last few months.  I have sold 19 copies so far!  Not bad for an unknown author.  It is kind of weird to finally have a book out.  I’ve spent more than eleven years, writing off and on, preparing for this time in my life.  And now, on to the next venture in my writing career.

Introducing… drum roll… Symphony of Sol 2: The Haunting Past!

Symphony of Sol 1: I Shall Not Rest in Peace was about a clone doomed to be sacrificed.  beneath all of this was the undercurrent vice of prejudice.  In today’s time, we deal with prejudice against race and sex.  The Symphony of Sol universe is set 500 years from now.  I don’t think the majority of people will care very much about the color of your skin or anything else besides that.  So, I set the story up as a prejudice against clones.  It attempts to answer a very curious question, one we will all need to face in the near future.  What makes up a clone’s soul?

The clones in Symphony of Sol  are born purely through scientific means.  They have no mother or father to claim them.  As Leena-58 says it:

[A clone] is a person replicated from another’s genes, replicated and enhanced by science.  I am the fifty-eighth clone of my Primary, the high priestess Leena.  I was born from a tube instead of a woman’s pure womb.  By Humanitarian Law we are lesser-made bastards, unnatural to behold.

This begs us to question, would something made by science, a human being- yes, but one that is merely a replicated copy of another, would that thing have a soul? High Consular Haru answers this rather well I think:

We perpetuated a lie that you [Leena-58] were somehow inferior to the rest of us, a subhuman.  It was an old belief, easily debunked, when the first clones, illegally created on Earth, were able to reason and think as well as any man.  The soul, it seems, remains unique despite the mimicked shape of a cloned body that it is attached to.  You have as much right to be called human as a twin does, for that is simply what you are, Leena Prime’s 58th twin.



New Questions and a New Plot

Symphony of Sol 2: The Haunting Past will expand upon the prejudice of clones, adding a striking new question, what happens to the clones that are considered unworthy for sacrifice?  High Priestess Leena has made more than fifty-eight clones of herself.  Other priestesses have made a few of their own, as indicated by Leena-58’s late best friend Abigal-9.

Not all of them are deemed worthy of sacrifice, though.  Since a clone is like a twin, and twins have unique personalities.  This means some clones will be lazy and dumb, while others, like Leena-58 and Abigal-9, will prosper in all that they do.

The Sons and Daughters of Athena believe in the perfect human, one who is physically and mentally sound.  It’s a bit ironic then, that they test their clones, who are considered subhuman, for any flaws that make them unfit to be the symbol of perfection.  Only the best-looking and best-performing clones are chosen to be sacrificed.  And that symbol of perfection is still considered sub to a slobbering drunk born from the womb.  This was Haru’s main point in arguing against the prejudice view of clones as subhuman. 

The fate of these clones dives deep into an issue most people are ignorant of, that being the perverted vice of human trafficking.


The notion of people labeled as sub is not science fiction.  It is something our society hides from.  I will be addressing such horrid perversions of human trafficking and sex slavery in my sci-fi series.  My hope is to bring awareness to this pitiful and perverted side of humanity.  It will take many more posts to really explain how despicable this crime against little girls and women is.  Google it yourself and you’ll see what I mean.

A New Planetary Lord of Mars

The first story took you to the tip of Olympus Mons, the tallest known mountain in the worlds.  Here, the seat of Martian power was laid waste by the ruler of the Solar System, High Consular Haru.  He kicked his adopted son, Areso, off the throne of Mars.  Who will take Areso’s place as Planetary Lord?

Digital photo by Kees Veenenbos

The answer reveals a very different, and surprisingly better, use for clones.  A glimpse of this use was revealed in the first book with this description of ex-Planetary Lord, Areso.

Areso had been adopted long ago, one of many male clones rejected by Rudira, the previous Planetary Lord of Mars.  Haru thought he could change the boy, make him an agent of change on Mars itself. 

Areso was adopted and taught to be a better ruler than his Primary, Rudira.  And yet the man, a clone himself, has no remorse for sending Leena-58 to her death.  Haru points all this out while debating with Areso.

“You are a copy, yourself, spawned to be the likeness of the previous tyrannical ruler, Rudira!  She murdered many of her copies; any that she felt were unfit.  If I had not saved you from her clutches—”

Areso interrupted, “There is a difference here.  The clones of [the Sons and Daughters of Athena] are bred to die, Father, as a memento to the selfless sacrifice of Viatrix so long ago.  I was made in Rudira’s image to rule….”

The second story will explain this in greater detail.  Areso has followed in his primary’s footsteps, you see, becoming a Primary and cloning multiple versions of himself.  Only one of them can usurp their father as ruler to the throne of Mars.

New Perspectives and New Settings

The first story was centered on Leena-58’s dooming sacrifice.  The second will follow the footsteps of her would-be savior, Ereb.  Haru may have plans for leaving Mars, but Ereb’s plans lie in the dregs of Martian society, deep in the crevices of Valles Marineris, a Martian canyon almost 9 times longer than our own Grand Canyon.

Imagine the sprawling metropolis that would be built there

The heart of the second story will take place due southeast, in Eos Chasma.

Digital picture by Kees Veenenbos

Eos is made up of two very contrasting terrains: Jutting angular hills up north that rise up to about 1,000 meters high, and sandy smooth southern slopes with bits of aerosols floating about (microscopic dust).

I have taken liberties here with my version of Mars since it is a terraformed one.  A stronger man-made atmosphere will increase the air pressure tremendously.  This, coupled with Martian winds and light gravity, increases the amount of aerosols within Eos’ southern planes, making what would appear to be a sandy sea from a distance.  Up close, it would be a very thick perpetual sand storm.

The town of Yomi lies beneath this sandy sea.  It was once a large mining complex, built before Mars was terraformed.  Only the lowest dregs of society live down in those ancient remains.  In contrast, the new town of Ebisu has been built on top with its high-reaching, New-Modern skyscrapers.  This is reminiscent of the Jetson’s cartoon, with buildings rising high above the pollution of Earth below.

In this case, Ebisu rises above the tumultuous sand storm like shimmering spears of glass.  The skyscrapers of Ebisu try their best to cover up, literally, the shabby old mining town of Yumi.

The city in Metropolis also comes to mind

Such dubious cities are fitting for Ereb to find traces of his past.  Yomi is the Japanese name for underworld.  Ebisu is one of the seven Japanese gods for luck, in this case the luck of the fisherman.  And so Ereb must fish beneath Ebisu, within the underworld of Yomi, and amidst the dregs of society for a trace of his lost love… his Roslyn.  It is this forgotten past that haunts him most.

Look for Symphony of Sol 2: The Haunting Past in eBook stores sometime in the near future.

Catch up to the sprawling tale set within our Solar System.  It’s only one click away…

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4 thoughts on “The Next Symphony of Sol

  1. A very good story. I have read the first volume and finished it in a weekend. I recommend to all readers looking for a deep story with thought provoking situations. It is not your ordinary Sci Fi

  2. I came this far, I’m leaving a comment. Your clones and the intigratiin of sex slavery as an underlying theme to bring awarness rocks. Your story and world and core value are so solid I have to go back and work on my own world building.
    As one writer to another, well done.

    • Thank you Soldoutbien! It means a lot coming from another writer? As far as world building, I spent a lot of time on the mythos. The first settlers of Mars were scientist. They brought no culture with them. Their kids looked at the Greek and Roman names of stars and planets. From this the cults like Sons and Daughters of Athena were born.

      Your comment has sparked a fire in me! The second story is half way finished. Maybe I’ll go back and complete it! Stay tuned fellow writer!

      I will definitely go check your blog out!

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