The Nerd Hunter on Funny or Die

My best friend and fellow colleague, Jason Craft, has been hard at work on his Nerd Hunter web series.  It is a documentary surrounding the nerd-seeking adventurer Nigel Cunningham.

Pictured, Nigel Cunningham staring down the sun

I’ve personally met the guy from the outback.  His impassioned joy in hunting nerds is infectious!  I’ve often wondered myself why nerds do the odd things that we do.

Nigel doesn’t kill our kind or course.  He just harmlessly stalks after us behind house plants and bookshelves as we explore our natural habitat.  Much like the late, great Steve Irwin did as the Crocodile Hunter.

My relationship with Nigel may have caused me to check every corner of the room before I perform any nerd activities, but it’s all in the name of science.  He takes his study of nerds so seriously that he is currently serving jail time for breaking and entering into a nerd’s house.  Thankfully the house wasn’t mine.

Producer and writer of the series Jason Craft invited me to create Star Wars influenced music for the first two episodes.  What respectable composer could resist composing a parody of John Williams’ greatest hit!  So I dusted off the ol’ BM Degree in Theory and Composition and went to work.

We have recently been recognized for our efforts at the prestigious scholastic web site of Funny or Die.  We are in fact the first respectable documentary to be featured on that site.  But enough about our laurels.

They haven’t updated the usability to feature our serious work, however, so if you find this particular show enlightening then click on the word “funny”.   If you find it less so… click on “funny” anyways, you know, for the posterity of science and all that.

Nerd Hunter Episode IV: A Nerd Hope

P.S.   Be sure to listen to the credits.  That music doesn’t write itself you know!

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