Twilight of the Shark Fin of Doom

It was an exciting run.  My time of sparkling fame among bloggers is nearing its twilight.

Not that twilight!

Making it on the front page of freshly pressed (it’s on page 4 or 5 by now) with my nerd rage rant was a pleasant surprise.

Though I tried my hardest to keep the fame with another ranting post about video games and art, alas my sparkling days are over.

Anyway, I was looking at my declining graph of traffic.  It had spiked last week from 2 to 3000 views.  Since then, it has made a steady decline downward:  2,000 views, 1,500, 800, 300, and so forth.  Presently it rests at 28 hits making a nifty little shark fin shape.

Do you think it only coincidence so deadly a graph protrudes upon my monitor a mere two days before Shark Week on the discovery channel?  Dare I brave the waters of my local pool (no beaches where I live)?  Will that infamous, minor second, Jaws theme haunt my every step towards the shower?  Should I be eating more garlic?

Is posting something else on the distant horizon for me?  With so many eyes that graced this place forsaking me, is my blog still relevant?  Well it’s too late to look back now because, against all the odds, I just did!  (Those who live near me will be happy to know that I’ll also be daring the waters of my local shower in the morning.)

Thank you for reading my blog.  In all, there were 225 replies and close to 9,000 views.  Those who replied with clever comments have been noted by me.  I will now do my heart-felt duty to search you out and reply with witty words of my own.

Mark my words, these hungry fingers will find you!

And while doing this I’ll keep in mind that phrase from Finding Nemo:

I will not, however, sparkle like some people do!

Thanks for reading!

Your friendly neighborhood blogger man, Brian

10 thoughts on “Twilight of the Shark Fin of Doom

    • Far from it bro. This post was about the time when I made it on the front page of freshly pressed. I was explaining how my views went from 2,000 to about 50. Currently they’re at a steady pace between 100 and 200. So no worries. I plan to be blogging well into the future!

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